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Reading About Our Research into Metabolism

It is important that people understand the science behind diets before they began their attempt to lose weight and eat healthy. Located in Brooklyn, New York, The Nutrition & Metabolism Society is dedicated to funding metabolic research and creating a widespread understanding of how diet plans affect your body and what to eat to ensure proper nutrition. We have found a wonderful new book to help us inform the public.

The World Turned Upside Down Book

The World Turned Upside Down

Written by Richard David Feinman, PhD, The World Turned Upside Down offers the perspective of a biochemist that has a gift for making the intricacies of biochemical pathways easy for readers and laymen to understand. The book is an unapologetic criticism of the nutritional establishments and the confusion it has brought to consumers.

Scientifically accurate and entertaining, this book paints a broad picture of the nutrition world—the beauty of the underlying biochemistry and the embarrassing failure of the so-called experts. It is the least dogmatic book on low-carb diets. It uses hard evidence to bring out the practical value of such diets. This book is a guide to how to interpret the medical literature and offers an antidote to the constant reports that normal foods represent a threat rather than a source of pleasure.

Nutrition in Crisis—An Excerpt from the Book

"Almost every day a new study shows that you are at risk for diabetes or cardiovascular disease or all-cause mortality brought on by a newly appreciated toxin, which turns out to be something that you just had for lunch. Most of us no longer know what to eat or who to believe."