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The World Turned Upside Down.

The Second Low-Carbohydrate Revolution 

by Richard David Feinman, PhD

“Nutrition in crisis: Almost every day a new study shows that you are at risk for diabetes or cardiovascular disease or all-cause mortality brought on by a newly appreciated toxin which turns out to be something that you just had for lunch. Most of us no longer know what to eat or who to believe.”

                                          — Chapter 16 of The World Turned Upside Down

The World Turned Upside Down called it. LeBron James on a low-carbohydrate diet. The USDA scientific committee suddenly decides that cholesterol is not a “nutrient of concern.”  The Dietician Academy says they should have said saturated fat is OK too. A revolution for sure. 

A new book by Professor Richard Feinman tells the story of the first low-carbohydrate revolution, 12 years ago: how it started, what killed it and why another one is happening. It explains how type 2 diabetes can be virtually cured for many people simply by a reduction in dietary carbohydrate and why you need to know about it even if you don’t have diabetes. 

Scientifically accurate but written in an accessible and engaging style, The World Turned Upside Down provides real information on metabolism in health and disease and gives you a guide to deciphering medical news and the tools to see through the scare stories that medicine and the press are so fond of.